Carpet Cleaning Methods Explained: Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is probably the most common method of carpet cleaning, and this is a technique for carpet cleaning that is offered by many Sydney carpet cleaning, and Central Coast carpet cleaning professionals. Steam cleaning is generally what people think of when they think of carpet cleaning and it is done by using a soap-and-water solution that is scrubbed into the carpet and then extracted, with all the dirt, grime and other materials that get into the carpet. Most carpet cleaning service companies use this method of cleaning the carpet.

This is known as deep cleaning and it usually takes between one or two full days for the carpet to dry afterwards. Most of the time you are not supposed to walk on the carpet until it is completely dry, but this is an inconvenience for some because they need to use their home. Some other methods take less time to dry, such as the chem-dry method, which usually only requires an hour or two. However, there are many factors to consider when it comes to carpet cleaning so you may want to do your research rather than picking a service based solely on drying time.

For instance, many people believe that steam cleaning is a much more effective method of cleaning the carpet, removing the dirt, grime and grit from the carpet completely. Many believe that other types of carpet cleaning such as dry cleaning or chem-dry methods don’t remove all of the damaging debris from the carpet. Complete cleaning leads to a carpet that lasts much longer than if you didn’t remove all of the sand, grit and dirt. There are actually about five different methods that most companies use to clean your carpet, but steam cleaning is the most popular by far.

Steam cleaning doesn’t actually use any steam to clean the carpet. Hot water with a cleaning solution is used to scrub the carpet fibers, cleaning the stains, and then the hot water is extracted, usually using a wand, along with the sand, grit, and dirt that is in the bottom of the rug. Steam cleaning results in a carpet that is raised and fresh looking, and in fact looks like it was just installed. This is why many people prefer to use steam cleaning to clean their rugs. In addition to this, since technology is improving all the time, some modern steam cleaning machines can extract a great deal of water out, resulting in less drying time.

No matter what method you use to clean your carpet, you should have a professional to do the job at least twice a year and if you really want your carpet to last longer, four times per year. In fact, many people have their higher traffic areas cleaned once a month. High traffic areas are very noticeable because the carpet fibers are pressed down and look different from the areas of the carpet that get less traffic. Having a professional clean your carpet will make your rug last a lot longer, expanding the lifespan as much as ten or twenty years.

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