Scotchgard Protection

A1 Carpet Clean - Professionally-applied Scotchgard protector

Scotchgard Protection Long Beach

The best way to protect your carpet, rug and upholstery and keep it fresh and clean, for many years to come, is to apply our Scotchgard for maximum protection. "A1 Carpet Clean" guarantee your home will look cleaner and fresher for years to come

Scotchgard Protection:

  • Helps protect against both oil and water based stains

  • Helps carpet fibers resist soiling

  • Helps carpet and upholstery fabric resist stains

  • Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer

  • Creates an invisible barrier between fabric and stains

  • Prevents dirt from sticking to fibers in fabric

Save time with more effective vacuuming. Dirt is much more easily released by vacuuming after your carpet and upholstery have been treated with Scotchgard Protection.

Long Beach Scotchgard Protection

Your home carpeting probably endures far less foot traffic than a carpet in a commercial environment, yet still it suffers from normal wear & tear. Offices, hotels and other public spaces see hundreds or thousands of feet a day, and require a far higher level of maintenance. At "A1 Carpet Clean", our professional team of commercial cleaners specializes in large areas and can assure you a well maintained carpet and cleaner working environment.

Clean up Stains in a Flash!

Stains are removed far more easily because Scotchgard repels liquids. Spills can be blotted up in the blink of an eye! The best time to apply Scotchgard Protection is immediately after a professional clean from "A1 Carpet Clean" Experts. Such an application will keep your carpet, rug or upholstery clean and safe for a much longer period.

Cleaner for Longer

Once our technician applies Scotchgard Protection, your carpet and upholstery will become easier to vacuum, as well as stain-resistant, making your home look cleaner and fresher for a long time.

Our representatives are happy to respond to your requests and offer you knowledgeable and friendly assistance. Call "A1 Carpet Clean" at 949-383-4831 and get a free phone estimate. Our staff offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every service package.

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"I loved the explanation of Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" and all the services and our carpet looks great! The pet odor treatment was great!"

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