Your Quick Guide Carpet Cleaning Tips

Have you heard it said that anyone can do any job if they have the right tools? That might be a stretch but it is safe to say anyone can do a better job with the proper tools.

Important vacuum cleaner facts

Heading this list of carpet care tips is having a proper vacuum. Getting yourself the best vacuum you can afford is the single most important step you can take in providing the care your carpeting needs.

The carpet industry is now rating vacuum cleaners to help you make an informed buying decision. Criteria has been set for soil removal, air filtration, and damage to carpet fibers. Machines that pass the test can display the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label seal of approval.

Better vacuuming guaranteed

Have you ever heard of a carpet groomer? Probably not, but there are a few of them on the market for about twenty dollars. A carpet groomer will help you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner by preparing your carpets for cleaning. Work a carpet groomer over your carpeting to raise deeply embedded dirt.

Carpet Cleaning Long Beach

Because there is more contact with the carpet, it is tempting to set the rotating power brushes of your vacuum’s cleaning head to a low level. That might seem reasonable, but did you know the contact is more damaging than helpful? The integrity of the carpet fibers can be destroyed, causing wear areas to look dirtier than they really are.

If you have Berber carpets don’t vacuum them with the power cleaning attachment. The rotating brushes can catch on the looped pile and pull long strands away from the carpet backing. This is especially true if there are any seams in your installation.

Check the condition of your power head at regular intervals. Loose or worn brushes, gouged or otherwise damaged plastic parts, or other obvious problems can cause abrasive damage to carpet fibers. Carpet fibers that have been nicked and cut loose luster, are more easily pressed down under traffic, and allow increased dirt penetration of the fiber.

By vacuuming the pathway from entry doors daily, other areas of the home will need less frequent care. Now that may seem to you to be a lot of extra work, but it could actually mean less. By concentrating on the dirtiest areas the cleaner ones won’t need to be vacuumed as often. Your whole carpet will look better.

Did you know regular and thorough vacuuming with a quality, air filtering vacuum will rid your carpeting and upholstery, of more than 80% of the dirt and allergens lurking about?

The make up of household dirt

Do you have any idea what kinds of dirt and grime are being harbored in your carpeting? Several reliable sources have done breakdowns, and it looks something like this:

  • Sand 40%
  • Oxides 20%
  • Organic and synthetic fibers 20%
  • Oils and Resins 9%
  • Carbon 5%
  • Animal fats 4%
  • Moisture 2%

Vacuum cleaning can take care of the first three and some of the carbon and moisture. Other cleaning methods have to be used to get after the others.

More things you can do to about staying clean

Always use your range hood to reduce the amount of oils, fats and carbon that make it into the air and land on your carpet.

Pet dander and feathers are major allergens. Keep forced air heating and air conditioning system filters clean and efficient by changing them regularly.Are you aware most major carpet manufacturers require professional carpet to be performed every 12 to 18 months in order to maintain your warranty?

A foul smelling carpet makes your whole house smell bad. There are many natural enzyme deodorizers on the market that actually gobble up the organic matter that is the source of the odor.

Other enzyme compounds combine with cleansers to consume organic stains such as blood, juice, wine, coffee, urine and other pet stains. You may have to make several applications of hungry enzymes to take over for the inactive ones that have become full, but keep at it until your carpet is fresh and clean.Always use white towels for cleaning. With colored towels you run the risk of transferring the dye to your carpet.

  • Always clean up fresh blotches by scraping from the outside edge inward toward the center. This way you will not be extending the soiled area.
  • Hot water helps to set stains not remove them, so never use it.
  • For nail polish, carefully blot as much as possible while still in it’s liquid state. If it is too late, slowly apply nail polish remover, blot then apply more remover, alternating back and forth until you get it all.
  • Greasy or gummy splotches clean up best when cold. Put some ice in a plastic bag and hold it to the blotch until it sets hard through.
  • Scrape the hardened mark and then clean the remains with a liquid cleaner.

The end: How you enjoy life better on your clean carpet is a personal thing. You won’t find any tips listed here.

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