Five Reasons to Take Better Care of Your Carpet

Why should you take the time to learn how to take better care of your carpet? There are five good reasons:

1. Your time is extremely valuable. You don’t have any to waste on methods that don’t work. Today’s carpet is more stain resistant and durable than ever, making it easier to clean and maintain. However, preserving the life and beauty of carpet depends on a few important factors:

(a) the quality of products and equipment used to clean carpet
(b) the frequency and methods by which carpet is cleaned
(c) the skill and knowledge of people doing the cleaning

The Carpet and Rug Institute's guidance as found at and The Housekeeping Channel will give you the brass tacks to nail all three issues. And the sooner the chores are done, the faster you can join up with family and friends or take a relaxing break on your own.

2. You care about the air you breathe. Did you know that indoor air quality can be worse than that outdoors? Proper cleaning can improve the air in your home by removing pollutants and allergens trapped in the carpet.

3. Your home design likely makes carpet accidents more frequent. Today’s open floor plans tend to place carpet directly next to the kitchen, not to mention wall-to-wall throughout the home. Rarely used (and therefore protected) living rooms and dining rooms are becoming relics of the past. This means family members and pets are using every inch of space, making the chance for spills and accidents on carpet more likely and more visible.

4. The artist in you demands it. The beauty of your home requires methods that keep your carpet in its finest form — for longer. And with the pressures of our demanding lives, stepping out of bed onto a lush, clean carpet is more than ever one of life’s pleasures. If you haven’t shopped for carpet lately, you might be surprised at the variety of designs and textures from sculpted styles with floral designs, to geometric patterns, to short shag friezes. Check out the multicolored, flecked and tweed looks. There are also modular carpet tiles, great for those high-traffic areas. And, if you love ceramic tile and hardwood floors, accent and area rugs placed on top can add sound control as well as beauty to the design, comfort, and warmth of your home. 

5. Your home is your castle — your place to socialize, rest, and restore. A well-cared-for carpet provides that sense of harmony and flow from room to room that will attract you to the space where you spend so much of your time.

So save time by zeroing in on the best cleaning techniques and identify products and equipment you will need - those tested and approved by CRI - to get the results you want. In addition, when seeking a professional to do the deep cleaning, consult CRI's list of Seal of Approval (SOA) Service Providers - companies committed to using products and equipment approved by CRI.

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